1 Month… 2 more to go!

The title says it all! It has officially been 1 month since we left “The Sunshine State” and made our way to Hong Kong. The past month has been… well, relaxing?

We knew coming here we wouldn’t be working like crazy or have 12 castings a day like China. I guess we just didn’t realize, or we forgot, that if we have 2 castings in a week here we are lucky. Since being here I have had 1 job, I am on option for quite a few more so I am hoping those come through and I can add some work in to keep me a little bit busier and a little less crazy πŸ˜›

The nice thing with having so much free time is that means I have A LOT more time to hit the gym. I have been working out every day for at least 1-2 hours and after the gym Paulo and I spend at least an hour walking around the city. This week I believe we will do some more “touristy” things so that should be fun.

Since my last blog post I have also turned another year older! February 9th I celebrated my birthday. It was fun. Saturday night Paulo and I got a huge pizza from an amazing pizza place here called Paisanos. They have THE BEST pizza. Seriously, it’s AMAZING. So we got that and ate a whole medium sized pizza to ourselves. We went out that night and at midnight I was surprised by everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday and presenting me with a bottle of Tequila Rose. It was nice.

Sunday ( my actual Birthday) We spent just hanging out at home, watching movies. Paulo surprised me with Starbucks for breakfast, a rose, and my very own minion! It was sweet. The next day we went to dinner at The Outback which was also very nice. Oh, and did I forget there were CUPCAKES?!?!?!? Yep, I got cupcakes… so happy! hahah so Basically my birthday was a food fest which left me feeling a bit sick for a few days after. But it was totally worth it!

Valentines day has also just passed. It’s a weird holiday for me. I personally don’t exactly LOVE valentines day. It’s one of my least favourite holidays, if not my least favourite. Paulo is Brazilian so his valentines day is in June. Usually we don’t do anything and I expected this year to be the same.
I was wrong.
I went to a casting and then Paulo met me for lunch and when I came home I was surprised to find a rose and a card waiting for me. The card was all hand written with the most lovely letter I have ever received. I cried. Paulo can be extremely sweet when he wants to be haha.

So that’s been my month here in HK so far. Not exactly super exciting but, it’s giving me a lot of time to work on myself and to prepare myself for the upcoming markets I hope to work in.

I’ll write again soon!

Until next time,

Alyssa xoxo

Chinese New Year flower market.

Chinese New Year flower market.

So colourful and pretty!

So colourful and pretty!

Chinese New Year Fireworks in TST

Chinese New Year Fireworks in TST

Amazing Pizza! mmmmm

Amazing Pizza! mmmmm

Midnight! Officially February 9th...my birthday!

Midnight! Officially February 9th…my birthday!

Birthday Breakfast <3

Birthday Breakfast ❀

My Minion!!!!

My Minion!!!!

The Outback.. Bday Dinner :)

The Outback.. Bday Dinner πŸ™‚

No Birthday is complete without Cake... in my case Cupcakes!!! So good :D

No Birthday is complete without Cake… in my case Cupcakes!!! So good πŸ˜€

My Valentine <3

My Valentine ❀


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