Quick Update.

So it has in fact been quite a while since my last post. I would like to say this won’t happen again but lets face it, as much as I want to write more often I find it pretty hard to do when constantly running around and working.

Also, my mac has decided to hide all of my photos somewhere. Im not entirely sure what happened but my entire iPhoto library has disappeared so I am crazily trying to figure out what has happened with that so I can get my pictures back. If I have lost them I will cry.

Anyways, we completed our 3 month contract in Jakarta. It was a crazy one for sure. I was extremely lucky and worked very well in the market. I did campaigns, magazines, billboards.. you name it! It was great.

However, during the middle of the contract I started to get extremely sick and discovered I had a stomach infection. NOT fun. But these are the risks you take when traveling the world the way we do.

I fell in love with the Indonesian people who are so friendly and welcoming and when I went to Bali… oh my goodness.. I fell even more in love with the country.

I will write much more later on, once I find my pictures because it really is hard to explain the beauty of the place without some photographic evidence.

I am currently writing this from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have been here for 3 weeks and it is great. An extremely beautiful country. Our apartment is so nice and to be honest, I kind of feel like I am living in a resort.
I am taking the time we have here to work out like crazy and get into the best shape I possibly can so I am fully prepared for our next destination where it will be underwear season.

I will write again soon, I promise. Going to get on the phone with apple Malaysia right now about my pics ( P.S. Apple, you need a store in KL!)

Until then…



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